About us

Flowers are all around us. They are beautiful, gathered in bouquets and arranged by florists of «Roses», they are the best.

Everyone can order a bouquet of flowers. The delivery of roses is quick and fast. With "Roses" there is no need to spend much time to find a decent gift. 
Our professionals are working even on weekends, collecting flawless compositions, creating bouquets and making your orders look perfect. Roses serve as a classic and elegant compliment for the person you care and value. Thus, roses in Odessa are in high demand as of now.

"Roses" stands out from the majority of other companies as we deliver a high service to all our clients and can satisfy all their needs, because we:
● work in Ukraine and worldwide;
● offer a wide range of services: bouquets, gifts, compositions, flower delivery;
● the team of creative and inspired designers, florists are able to create unique things;
● deliver a top quality and find an individual approach to all clients.

It is pretty quick and easy to order a flower delivery now.If you need flowers shipped, choose "Roses" , professionals, delivering a high quality service, stirring up positive emotions, bringing joy and making your beloved people smile.